Where is My Cloud device?

On my home network where I originally setup my cloud device I can access and see it from all desktops and laptops on that network. We had a fire and had to move into my parents house while restoration takes place. I setup my desktop on thier wireless network, plugged in My Cloud device and I can see the device just fine without having to do anything. However, when I go to one of thier desktops or laptops the device doesn’t even show up in the network. How can that be?

My desktop that I brought from home logged into their wireless network just fine and since I can see and use the my device on thier network shouldn’t it be visible as a network device to all computers on this network? What am I missing? 

NOTE: When I use the My Cloud app on one of these other computers it doesn’t see the device on the network either and if I trry and connect manually it asks for my login information and finds a device but it is my home IP configuration 192.168.2.xxx and the IP configuration here is 192.168.0.xxx. Do I need to register it again or something? How? 

A while ago I manually changed the fixed IP address of my NAS, and I couldn’t get the remote access to update. I had to remove the device from all apps, and issue new access codes.

If these are Windows computers you may want to check the homegroup name that is being used on them to see if it is the same as whats on your My Cloud. See image below.