Where is my backup configuration


One of my MBLD’s which I use for backing up files has failed.

Since the drive is down, the backup configuuration for the failed drive no longer appears in Smartware (the failed backup drive no longer appears on the list of drives available for backup)

How can I see the backup configuration that was associated  with this drive (list of files that are being backed up to this drive, when the backup was to occur, etc)?  If I need to rebuild the backup configuration to another drive, it would be helpful to know what was being backed up to the failed drive.



edited for clarification


Smartware will not show a backup configuration for a drive that is not connected or for a drive that has failed. If you connect a new drive to your computer you will have to start a new backup.

Your’e kidding?!?!?!

Are you saying that I have to set up another backup from scratch?  Reselect thousands of files and directories that are associated with this backup?

I have several MBLD’s that I use as backups for the various computers on my network, I need to know what was being backed up onto this drive so I can duplicate the backup configuration.  It should be as simple as replacing the drive and giving it the same name for the old backup for it to start running again.

If it is indeed the case where a drive fails and now the selection  of files to be backed up is gone, then this is a serious design flaw and should be addressed.