Where is HTTP Download App


I have a WD My Cloud EX2 since 2017 and recently upgraded the OS to the MyCloud OS5.
Before that i was happy to be able launching direct download directly from the NAS itself by the HTTP Download App.

What a surprise i had after the upgrade cuz that app totally vanished. Is there a way to get it back? It there any substitute solution?


This was the application:

@n0r1S The HTTP Downloads app is not supported in My Cloud OS 5.

My Cloud OS 5 Release Notes

I really don’t understand why you removed this app, this is one of the main use case I have with my EX2 NAS … :cry:
It’s a simple web interface with a curl or wget command.
I will never upgrade to this new OS version ! Or I will switch to a competitor for a real NAS solution.


you can still download using the wget command over ssh, I also thought that the web interface was a good option, but when you have huge files that come zipped you can unzip them over ssh using unzip command and it will be a million times faster

I completely agree , very disappointed.

is there any alternative for that option ?