Where is firm ware download

I have already installed Windows 7 Pro. I need firmware for:
WD1500 HLFSR Veloci Raptor 150gb
WD1500 AHFD-00 RARS SATA 150gb

I do hope they will work with Win7 Pro


Hi why do you think you need the firmware. Most hard drive’s will work on any OS an example of one that would not, would be like a 3tb drive on a really old pc as the bios would be so old it would not recognise a 3 tb drive. But your drives should have no problem working on win 7.

Reason for question. I installed Win7 on a single drive. I desconected other drivers so no mistakes could happen. When just the one drive is connected every thing works great. But when I connect the other drives I get the dos error NT LDR is missing. Press Ctrl +Alt+Del. 

I can’t get back into Winods tell I disconnect all the drives except6 the one drive that has the Win7 install.

I spent much time with ATT &T tech to fix the problem with no look.


try and verify the boot order / priority in your bios.

if a bootloader is detected on another drive and that has a higher priority then you may have that problem.

have you been in your bios settings before ?

there is usally lots of options so you may be able to experiemnt with that, it might help…

I almost always set my computer to boot to hard drive first. but i noticed if i plug a usb drive in my pc

the boot order changes things as well as plugging in extra drives… for example i have a spare PATA drive and if i plug that in and power on the bios automaticly changes the PATA drive to first boot rather than my SATA drive which has my OS on it (Win 7)

That error means it found something to boot and it tried and failed… classic old error nothing to do with firmware… its windows related.

I’m guessing you have possibly have more than one operating system setup in your bootloader or a bootloader on another drive is being found and launched. If what you said is acurate i think you should be fine just double check your hard drive boot order in the bios. But if you installed windows 7 while another drive with another windows install was plugged in you may have more than one OS set in your bootloader. To check this I think you can just look in your advanced options in win 7.

Hit the Windows Key + Pause Key and select “Advanced System Settings” then click on the button for “Startup And Recovery” and look at the drop down menu to see if there is more than one entry listed…

There should be only one windows install listed in there.

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Hi your main boot drive needs to be on the first sata port. The ports on the motherboard are numberd 0 to 5 or however many ports there are but the main boot drive needs to be on 0.

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My first issue, question, I had for this forum. When you mentioned USB I heard bells. I had a Cavalry SideCar hooked up and as in the past it can be an issue. Thanks it’s working good. Not so lucky with my other question on

Thanks again.|


Sorry. I might have given some bad info. To correct my problem I not only had to change my Boot Recorded, cmos, but also the order of the actual drives in the cmos.