Where is an actual page i can get the raid driver I need for new install? windows 7 wd 3200aaks

I just wondering why its so hard to find this . I downloaded what I thought was  correct . Of course the language for these downloads is not so clear . I am a "newbie I suppose . But why not just put clear easy language

RAID DRIVER FOR WD3200AAKS FOR WINDOWS ? Hmm that was not so hard


This is the page I went to , and I put it on a disk and windows said there were not compatible drivers on it


Hi there, not to be blunt but those drivers WON’T work at all because:

a) WD3200AAKS is a Caviar Blue, those drivers are for a Caviar RE, which is not the same drive;

b) Those are Windows 2000/XP drivers, not for Windows 7 and;

c) There are no RAID drivers at all from WD for Blue, Green or Black Caviar drives.

If I were you I’d go for an RE4 drive, made just for RAID use…

No problem being blunt I actually appreciate that . So How do I install windows ? Ive had someone else install windows on this comp before with a similar drive . How do you do it ? Or better yet is it possible . Just want to know if im just wasting my time . I am gonna replace this comp cause its old but untill then this is my audio workstation . Gotta keep movin

If you have a full retail Windows XP /Vista /7 installation disc (Not recovery) and the drive is connected to a regular port on the motherboard then Windows should load generic drivers to allow the installation, unless there’s something wrong with the layout or the drive.

Is the AAKS seen in your BIOS? If so, is it connected to a regular SATA port instead of a RAID port? Also, what if you set a jumper shunt on pins 5 & 6 in case your motherboard doesn’t support SATA II drives?

Your link states that “this Windows Driver is for use with the Western Digital Serial ATA RAID controller card”.

That’s a completely different animal.