Where in web to log into My Cloud?


 My Cloud:

Now I try to figure out how to get access via web to My Cloud, but it just does not work!

Found this quide:


but… where is that sight?

I really do not find that black sight anywhere!

Tried to log into: https://www.wd2go.com but it stops there!

I do know my password, I do see My Cloud there, but it goes no futrher.

Where are thos black pages to be found?

Or have they been changed?

However simply:

What is the correct address in web to log to my own My Cloud?

Thank You so much for all possible quidance!

You did not say what system you have but the following is for Windows 7.

If you want to sign in by wd2go.com then you should see the following, see image below. Provide the information and then click sign in.


If you are looking for your My Cloud on your computer then click Start►All Programs►Western Digital►WDMyCloud and open up your My Cloud. Under the icons you will see your address, example You can click on the icons and open up your My Cloud. See image below. If you are wanting to open your Dashboard then use the address under the icons, example, to open it.


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Thank You for your answer!

My operating system is like you quessed Win 7 Home Premium.

Possibly my problem is FireFox!?

No way to log in but while using IE logging in is possible…


Thank You!