Where in the UK sells Gen 2?

Anyone know anywhere in the UK that sells MCM Gen 2 apart from the WD Store which is out of 8Tb anyway?

It seems only Gen 1 is on sale everywhere.


I’m not in the UK so not sure but I just looked on amazon and one of the sells says shipped in 2-3 days.

Nevermind I think thats Gen 1 lol even tho it came up as Gen 2

That’s what I’m finding. Every time I google gen 2 or look on Amazon it’s actually a gen 1 device that comes up.

It’s like Gen 2 hasn’t been fully released in the UK yet…

I did see a few sites but since I’m from United States I don’ t know how legit they are and if they ship to where you are when I did a search using the model number on yahoo google didn’t come up with anything except like you said pulling up the Gen 1