Where do you log in to WD World Book?

This may be a stupid question but I can’t find the answer.  I have a 1 TB World Book and have been using it for over a year.  My kids recently moved in and I wanted to finally set the user permissions through the Shared Storage Manager.  I had previously only had the “Everyone” group and the permission was set to full.  I added a user with full permission and set the “Everyone” group to no access.  But when I click on the network drive I get the message “Access is denied” without even a dialog box asking me to log in.  I still have access to the Shared Storage Manager so I chaned the permissions back so I can have access.  Where does the World Book ask you to log in?  I’m at a loss.

Using Windows XP.  My Book World Edition.  Thank you for any advice.

um, this may be a dumb answer but i go to 192.68.1.xxx (which is the ip of my book world) in IE. i login w/ admin and click advanced and you have access to all the user permissions, etc.

Thanks for the reply, jdz2k.

Yes, I have access to the user permissions through the drive IP.  The problem comes when I change permissions.  Before I had “Full” permission to “Everyone”.  Now I added “User1” with “Full” permission and changed “Everyone” to “None”.  When I then try to access the content of the world book I am not prompted to enter a username and password - (ie. the User1 I just added).  I get a message “Access denied” - when trying to access the drive itself.  When/where do I input the User1 information to get full access to the drive?

Hope that clarified by problem.  Thanks again.