Where do i get smartware to reinstall?

this product is friggen pissing me off because i cant access my book and my usb is not recognized…does anyone know where i can download firmaware? I had to uninstall everything and need to reinstall this **bleep**ty program again…  everytime i tried downloading the update it wont recognize my USB. Please help…thanks 

Hi there, which one of the many MBs is the one that you have? o.o

Also, if your drive was made after the last firmware release, then it won’t take an update because it has it o.o

See if this helps http://wdc.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/5419


Smartware is not a magic tool. Smartware will offer you additional functionality if the drive is working properly. And it will not help you to resolve faulty drive conditions. Firmware also same. You cannot upgrade your drive’s firmware if your drive is either not connected properly or faulty.