WHERE DO I FIND THE PRODUCT KEY? - MBWE [white light] WD AnywhereBack can't autodetect drive -

Excuse the ‘shouting’ but boy - this is getting frustrating! I too am sufffering from WD Discovery not find network drives but thanks to that thread on the forum I’ve managed to find MBWE by looking up the IP address assigned to it by the router - having first connected by ethernet direct to a PC (when WD Discovery found it!) to prove it was working and to do the initial configuration. After re-connecting to the router I mapped the drives manually. But having moved on to install the Anywhere Backup software - it can’t autodetect MBWE -so it offers me the option to enter a product key or a 30 day trial.

But there is NO product key with the software!!! - the CD came in a plain white envelope. There are two numbers on the box the drive came in - the serial number and below that a number consisting of 4 letters, 1 number, 1 letter, 6 numbers - which is so small and poorly printed I can’t see if two of the numbers are 5 or 6 - even with a x10 magnifier.

Anyone know for sure where the Product Key is (or even isn’t) because I don’t need WD Discovery anymore - and I’ve also found the information that http://mybookworld takes you straight to the MBWE software. So if I could just register AnywhereBackup I’d be satisfied as I’m unlikely to ever want to remote access my files over the net.

I suppose an alternative is to once again connect the MBWE to the computer via Ethernet cable and then start the Anywhere Backup software. But when I was connected the ethernet connection reported “limited or no connectivity” and suggested I wouldn’t be able to connect to the internet - so if any info has to be sent from MBWE - I bet it will fail. I say that because I couldn’t get the firmware update - it said “connection refused”

So the ‘technical’ details of my setup. The problem is identical on the two computers on my home network. One runs XP SP2 and the laptop runs XP SP3. The router is a Netgear 834G with both computers connected to it wirelessly. I decided to follow the suggestion in the User Guide of connecting direct to the PC via Ethernet - and WD Discovery found it - so I was able confirm the MBWE was actually working - but couldn’t update the firmware  - “connection refused”. I then connected back to the router - still no joy with WD Discovery finding a network drive.  I’ve gone through various suggestions checking the firewall and router - found the IP address assigned to it by the router - made the router assign it that one all the time.

I have not yet been in contact with WD - as I’m in the UK - and they are all gone for the weekend - but judging by other comments I may have problems in getting a prompt response. So ANY help would be appreciated.

Just on a positive side - I’ve seen comments about slow backup - at the moment - on the other PC with AnywhereBackup running in the foreground - it’s clocking 18-19Mb/s on a 54.0Mb/s wireless conection which is actually showing 54.0 Mb/s connection speed.

Anywhere Backup is supposed to auto-register for the product key on the internet.  I’m no longer familiar with the process, so I recommend you contact tech support for the details of how it should work.  You can do so either by phone or email.

To Contact WD for Technical Support

The simple work around to the problem of ‘where is the product key?’ is e-mail WD support explaining that the software won’t autodetect the drive and could they provide a product key. Be sure to supply the serial number from the bottom of the drive (which is in REALLY tiny font - so you need a x10 magnifier!). I e-mailed over the weekend and got a reply by 2 pm CST (8pm UK time) Monday and had the software registered a few minutes later.

Now to see how well things work.

Additional info - based on other bits and pieces I’ve gleaned - I’ve set a static IP address in the router and MBWE - which I got from the router initially - and then assigned a suitable ip a few numbers up to allow fro any later extra network devices. So I don’t expect to see the software/hardware disappearing.

Hope this helps others with the same sort of problem.