Where did the photos folder go?

I used WD Sync to sync my photos onto the NAS. I then moved the NAS to work to keep a copy of the photos off-site. I then created a share and moved the folder into the share so I could give access to family members to see them. Now, on my home PC, the folder is gone. Where did it go?
I have to assume it had something to do with the way Sync works, so I copied that photos folder out of an image backup I had and uninstalled Sync. If that’s the way it works, that’s a problem.

Where is your NAS now? Did/do you have remote access set up?
Have you read the User Manual? Use link below.

Have you read all the Help (?) information provided in the Dashboard?


It’s at work. Remote access is set up and works fine. I think the issue is with the way Sync works, and I was going to move this post to the software forum before you responded. The issue is that I moved my Photos folder into a share so I could give access to family to see the images. When that happened, Sync on my PC saw that the folder didn’t exist on my admin NAS share on the NAS, and removed the folder on my PC. Sync deleted MyPhotos folder on my PC since it wasn’t in my share on the NAS. That’s dangerous.
So I uninstalled Sync, and copied my photos folder out of a backup image I have and put it back on my PC where it’s supposed to be.

If you haven’t read it here is information provided in the Learning Center.

Since you left your My Cloud at Work, if it is properly connected and setup there, have you tried mycloud.com and checked the share to see if the folder is still there?

Yes, the folder is in the share I created to allow family to see it. The issue I’m having is that since I moved the folder out of the default/admin share, and Sync was running on my PC at home, the folder was deleted on my home PC since it was no longer in the default/admin share on the NAS. I understand that “sync” means sync, but for the software deleting such a major folder without a warning is very dangerous. I never expected it to delete my Photos folder on my PC.

Don’t know if this will help now but here is some information provided on another WD Learning Center site.

How To Setup & Use WD Sync

WD Sync makes it easy to keep all your files in Sync and accessible by all your devices. It is a handy way to automatically move files to a My Cloud device.

If you have multiple computers, follow the steps below on each computer.

How to install WD Sync:

WD Sync is available to install during the setup process. If WD Sync was not installed during the setup process or you are setting up a second computer, the WD Sync installation file can be downloaded from here (Mac) and here (Windows)
1.Once downloaded, open the file to begin installation
2.Log into your MyCloud.com account and select the My Cloud that you would like to use with WD Sync
a.WD Sync will automatically and continuously synchronize files from a ‘My Cloud’ folder that will be added to your computers ‘Favorites’
a.Anything added to your My Cloud folder will automatically be copied to your My Cloud device
b.You can also select other folders to sync with your My Cloud device

b.To make changes to WD Sync’s settings, right click the WD icon in your sys tray or menu bar
a.Select Settings
a.Folders: You can add or remove folders to be Sync’d with your My Cloud
b.Deleted files: You can drag previously sync’d folders into the WD Sync settings window to access files that have been deleted within those folders
c.Version history: You can drag a previously sync’d file into the WD Sync settings window and find up to 5 previously sync’d versions of that file

More can be found by using the link below.

When you moved your My Cloud from your home to work didn’t that move it from one network to another?

Yes, it did.
I ended up putting the folders back where I wanted them, and uninstalled Sync, since I’m not using it in the way it was intended, and could cause major issues for me.
I have the folder duplicated on the NAS (one in the default/admin share, and one in the share I allow family into), but since the drive is large enough, it’s not a problem. I also restored it on my home PC, so disaster avoided. My intent was to have my Photos on another drive in another place off-site, not have it deleted at home by the same software that was supposed to protect me. I never anticipated that Sync would delete the folder at home after moving it on the NAS.
Thanks for your time.