Where did the manual update metadata option go?

So I have the hub set so that it will not auto-update metadata. I selection the option to update the metadata of an ISO movie(haven’t tried any of the other formats now that I think about it) and there is no option to retrieve the data. Copy, Delete, and Facebook are my only options.

Ok…I find the option when the video is playing.  Is that the only way to get the option now?

Make sure your CONTENT SOURCE is set to “My Media Library,” and also that the Media Library Compilation has completed.

Content source is set to my network share as it always has been. I assume the media library is compiled since I’ve seen no indicator when it is updating since the the last firmware if it is updating.

As I said, you need to have your CONTENT SOURCE set to MY MEDIA LIBRARY.

Yes, but not why. I cant watch my iso movies on the network then. Or is that supposed to be a round about way of saying they broke it with the last update?

Since now you can aggregate ALL your storage (USB / Internal / Network) into ONE VIEW, you must access that view via “My Media Library.”

And since the Metadata *IS* what creates the media library, that’s also the content source you need to be in to fetch metadata.

There is no reason that I know of why you can’t watch ISOs… 

I use the “My Media Library” setting exclusively, and 90% of my media are DVD ISOs…  Not a single problem.

If you’re happy just “displaying” the metadata in the Gallery View only, then any other content source will still do that.

Hmmm…I must be missing something because “My Media Library” has never worked for me that way and still doesn’t. It will only show things saved on the Hub itself. Though the network share isn’t displaying correctly either since the update. Shows all folders not just those with video. I guess I’ll try resetting it later and see what happens. Thanks.