Where did the little circle for "watched" go?

It seems like the little circle that shows if u watched a video is gone?

I tryed uploading original rv_gallery_browse_page.xml from both the Legacy theme and the Mochi theme, 

but none of them shows this circle, I only get it from using the built-in themes.

Anyone else noticed this? And does anyone have the code for this circle?

Or am I really just missing something here? Been trying to create a theme for a few hours, I might just be tired.

Im talking about the little circle that shows if u fully watched a movie, or started watching it.

Did this happen after the new firmware was installed or you where just uploaded a new theme? 

I didnt have this issue when I started themeing 2 months back, so I guess it got something to do with the new firmware. Maybe WD changed something in the code, and it’s different from the previous firmware relases?

As Im currently just editing the legacy theme from the previous firmware gpl package that Tinwarble uploaded in another post.

Ok so I’ve downloaded the latest GPL and extracted the theme, and uploaded it untouched, and the circle is still missing.

But when I download it thru the “theme manager” in the mediaplayer, it’s there.

Guess there is no point bringing this up to WD’s attention, since they probably wouldn’t give a **bleep**.