Where did my ISOs go

I was using the hub to get movie info and when it got it the movie thumbs were gone and I could not find my movie file. I was able to see it in my playlist fil but no longer in the root drive it was in. Is this the dummy file resolve that I have been reading about? How do I get it back to where it can see it in my root drive

What theme are you using?  The dummy file is only for certain themes.

No Theme I guess I am using the default Machiota or whatever I have tried everything I went and did a file restore on hardrive deleted all the jpgs and medadata files that it seemed to creat when I told it to get movie info and when it first loads I can see it but when it loads up to where I can choose to get info I no longer see it exept for in my playlist I can see them there and they play from there. Maybe to clarify I am using a NAS and it goes like this nas/DvD:/48 Hours Iso also in thatDvD root I have all movienamejpgs with a . infront of the name to hide them this was when I was using the WD live plus not sure if that applies to this hub too or not. I hope this helps



Ok Well I figured out my missing isos when I retreived movie info using the hub to do it it took like example I had Another 48 hours as 48 Hours Another in order to place it next to the original 48 hours and I did 40 Year Old Virgin The I put THE in tha back of the name so alphabetivally it is correct this way I don’t have a bunch of The’s in the T. Well anyway somehow the hub generates the title again and does it correctly so my isos just moved into the alphabetical order in this case Another 48 hours is in the A’s now and 40 Year Old Virgin is in the T’s. I can manipulate the title by opening the .xml file and changing it to the way I had it and when I get to that movie up in the movie title box it does change but somewhere inside the hub or my hardrives it is storing the information exactly as the title is. I am working on that right now and hopefully I can manipulate that when I find it

Ok I have maybe a tip if no one knows if you read all the above I have now the complete Answer. When you get info from the hub and it places your movies according to title mainly the ones that start with THE. If you want to fix it and change the location on the thumbs so there aren’t a bunch of movies starting with THE’s Go into the .xml file change the title to what you want  now load them up again and they should still be in THE category however the title on the page should read the new title you typed. Now you have to reset the hub and boom it will go to where the info title has it.