Where did my drive go?

I sat down at my desk and saw that my screen was frozen with an error message that said it was collecting information about an error. It was stuck at 0% and, in small print, mentioned “KERNEL_DATA_INPAGE_ERROR”

Cycled the power and it booted into Safe Mode. (Dell XPS8700)

Then booted into Dell Diagnistic program: hard disk not found. Booted to WD Lifeguard disk: no hard drive!! Bootedback to Safe Mode.

(Dell tech suggested changing from Selective Startup to Standard Startup. Did thatand  was able to boot Windows normally. However, when I checked msconfig again, Selective Startup was chosen!!)

Why does my HD seem to disappear? Subsequent Dell and WD diagnostics cannot find any errors.

This is a 1TB Blue drive. The computer is less than 6 months old.


Make sure to doble check the physicall connections.

This sounds like the drive was not being read at all. Also you might want to test the unit with a different cable.

"This sounds like the drive was not being read at all. "

Then how was I able to boot into Safe Mode and later into “regular” Windows?


I’ve had something similiar happening with a new WD1003FZEX. Short and long tests came back good, chkdsk came back good, formatted and reinstalled Windows, would lock up at random times and would not see hard drive on soft resets, only when powered off and back on. Built the whole computer at the same time about 2 months ago.

Most of the time it would not bluescreen out, but when it did it gave the same error as you. I just RMA’d it today. After a few weeks of dealing with 7-8 lockups per day, I used Acronis and cloned the drive onto a Seagate I had and swapped drives, same sata cable and power connections and not one lockup in over a week.

Waited a week before doing the RMA to be absolutely sure. Only thing changed in the computer is the hard drive and go from 7-8 lock ups a day to 0, so I don’t care what they say. It’s the HD.

So I would just RMA it.

How do I RMA it??