Where can I get sw-nas-inst... .deb?

Hello there!

I’ve upgraded my My Book Live from Debian lenny to squeeze. After that, all is working fine but the SmartWare website. So I was looking for that package which is, I think, responsible for that SmartWare working well, but I can’t find this package.

So, if anybody out there, who is using a SSH connection to his MBL and still has this package sw-nas-inst as Debian archive, could send it to me or upload it anywhere I can download it?

I hope it is possible. THX! :catvery-happy:

I don’t have the package you are asking for …

Have you already tried downloading the software the normal way?

What is the normal way for downloading that package? There is no download on the support site.

Well I don’t know about the package you are looking for since frankly Smartware can be removed without going trough SSH…

But you can download the applications for your drive from here 

Yeah, but there is only the Software for a Windows Client PC.

I think you missunderstood my request: I need the server software which is installed regulary on that drive. This software is responsible for controlling that MBL via your browser. And after updating that drive to a newer linux version I lost these install files. :crying_cat_face: