Where can I change WD Sync files and folders exclusion List on Mac OS?

I found the “Certain types of files or folders are not synchronized by WD Sync” topic in the Knowledge Base. There it says:

“If any of the files or folders listed in the exclusion list is to be synced with the WD Sync software please rename the file, modify the file properties, or move the file or folder out of the exclusion list.”

I want to “move the file or folder out of the exclusion list” but I can’t find out where or how I can do this in the Mac OSX version of WD Sync.

Does anybody know?

Thank you in advance

It literally means moving the file/folder from your computer into another location if the original location is an excluded folder. For example, if you have “picture 17” inside a folder called “.Photos” (Starting with a dot) then the file will be excluded until you move it from “.Photos” on your computer.

So does it mean there’s no way to edit such exclude/include list? I’d expect to have some config file such as .gitignore or similar so I can add the file patterns to include/exclude.
If that’s not possible then I’d be very disappointed about this tool. I expected more definitily.

See this thread: https://community.wd.com/t/wd-sync-exclusion-list/139172

Short answer for Windows users is the file named “BaseBlacklist.xml” in C:\Program Files (x86)\Western Digital\WD App Manager\Plugins\WD Sync\App\Plugins

and for Mac users it is “fileExclusions.plist” and “extensionExclusions.plist” in /Library/Application\ Support/WD Sync/WD Sync Service.app/Contents/Resources/