Where can I buy external HDD protected cases in India?

I owned three hard disks. I.m hardly looking for outer cases cover. Where can I buy? If I search third party websites, always showing duplicate. Suggest me. Thank you.

Amazon has a website in every large country. Check our your Amazon or similar web retailer.

Hi Mike,

I checked Amazon, Flipkart etc., I always found duplicate items. I need a protected case from Western Digital products. Its available in WD.com. But shipping is not applicable for India. Any other suggestion?

I have no idea how to order a WD case from India. You need to contact their store.
It would have helped to know what drive you want to protect; size-wise.

Meanwhile, a few years ago I bought from US Amazon, three identical hard shell and foam padded cases for my WD 2TB (fat) wireless hard drive made by Drive Logic, and it fits perfectly and my battery banks fit into the other two Drive Logic cases…Size 7x 4.5 x2 inches. Highly recommended. They come in four colors.



Most of the original cases are available in other countries. And my suggestion is WD will start shipping their products to India. For direct buyer’s happily pay with shipping charges too. We looking for good products.

The cases I recommended are “good products” – maybe even better than WD cases!