Where are WD My Passport Tutorial Videos?

Cannot find any videos on how to use My Passport. Found lots of others about MyCloud and My Passport Wireless. I purchased this standard My Passport wired storage thing in 2017 and backed up my computer in December. I now need to know how to use My Passport moving forward. The unofficial youtube videos on this product don’t show you how to use it, only how to set it up. The official one from WD does the same thing. Where can I find better tutorial videos. I do not find this product intuitive.

Which My Passport do you own? That would help out a lot. Have you searched the Knowledge Base to see if you can find a User Manual?

See if this helps, http://products.wdc.com/library/UM/ENG/4779-705155.pdf .

All the box says is “My Passport.” It’s a one terabyte and it’s for a Windows PC. I just figured it would be easy to find something specifically about this product. I will search the knowledge base

Just saw the link you provided . Yes, that seems to be it. Thanks much!! Probably no videos, I’m guessing.