Where are the thumbnails?


3rd gen live streaming up and running. Lastest firmware installed. On Facebook only get blank squares, I see no pictures at all.

What’s up?

Also, I’d like to plug my 1TB drive into the rear USB port to store movies, photos etc.

Can I set it up so I can download to my PC, then transfer the files to the drive through my home network? Will other users on the network be able to access the files?

If you can point me in the right direction that would be appreciated. Looks like a lot of information on this forum.



Start with the manual. USB connection and turning on CIFS sharing is covered there.


Drive has been mapped and finding it through the network with no problems. When I access my photo library, in excess of 25000 pictures, there are no thumbnails. Pretty hard to find a particular picture.


Also when I try to access my PC from the WDTV Live it is asking me for a username and password. I don’t recall having any on the PC.