Where Are The NON NAS DeskStar Drives?

What happened to the NON NAS DeskStar Drives?

Have purchased HGST 4TB Deskstar & 4TB Deskstar Coolspin but can now only find HGST 4TB Deskstar 7200 rpm SATA III 3.5" Internal NAS Drive.

Was my understanding that you should not use NAS in desktop or non NAS enclosure.

Was this a move to push people to the UltraStar or WD branded drives?

Using a NAS drive in a desktop isn’t an issue. They distinguish NAS versus non-NAS drives because the reverse isn’t always true-- many desktop drives won’t work correctly in a NAS.

But also, pay attention to the sound profile – NAS drives are often noisier.

Thanks for the reply and forgive the delay. Life…

If you don’t mind me asking what is the difference between the NAS and NON NAS version?

What are the drawbacks and or risks of using the NAS version in a desktop or home server?

Generally, NAS drives are noisier and more expensive. Both due to their more rugged design.