Where are the My Cloud Home Apps?

The My Cloud Home advertises itself right on the box as being used for HD Streaming and Backup.
I expected some WD Software to be on board or easily downloadable.
Of course I also expected some additional 3rd party apps to be made available as well.
None of the above is explained well or perhaps even explained at all.

I have a number of plans/hopes for the My Cloud Home. If they don’t pan out I may just have to return this to Best Buy.

  1. Back Up certain directories. I may want a straight forward backup and thus sync to My Cloud Home may do that just fine. However, certain directories may have different Backup schedules/priorities. Backup weekly only, leave one or two weekly versions, etc.
  2. Use the My Cloud Home as the Central Archive (i.e. copy a 10 gig directory to My Cloud Home, then delete 9 gigs from my laptop and only synch to the My Cloud Home when new folders are added to my laptop, but don’t bother to synch back to the laptop with the 9 gigs that were removed from my laptop.

These are just some of the examples of Backup strategies I hope to be able to configure.
The question is With What???

Next. I also have a desire to store multiple picture folders and be able to have the My Cloud Home stream these folders upon request as a slideshow.
What is available to make this happen?

@sandyfromla Have you visited the Learning Center for more information, apps and User Manual etc.


You may need Plex too. https://www.plex.tv/