Where are the daily Back Up Log file located? Are any created for viewing?

I’ve been having the Passport do a daily backup of my Documents and other selected folders. It starts and ends in about 5-10min. I cannot find any existence of a daily backup log file that shows what files had modified dates and maybe sizes of each. I’m trying to see which files are done daily in-order to understand the remaining disk space on the device. Shouldn’t there be a history of each back-up with specific info. Is the info on the device or some location on my PC.

I know that my actual daily/weekly modified file changes are not very large…in numbers and sizes and I don’t backup any videos or large amts of photos…HOWEVER, I notice the free space on the 1T device is noticeably getting larger…by the Gigabites…why?

I did some poking around on the Passport file system and basically see a WD Backup.swstor folder.
after passing thru some folders there are 2 folders called History and Volume(###). Under each there is a folder called .wdc along with my individual backed up folder. Opening the .wdc folder for the Volume(###) I see log type files. However, opening any of the log files like _all.log (identified as txt) does not show any reference to what files were actually backed up. This information has got to be available after completion…there may be a on-screen log if you open the backup while it is being done…any ideas?

This is an update to this basic question. Had a chat call with WD Support and was told that he was not aware that there is a log file created that displays each backup and file sizes. I have the 1T, Passport using Discovery software. So Disappointing because other 3rd party backup apps, I’m told, DO!.

How is a user suppose to monitor that activity, other than opening the Passport and doing a manual Explorer review of the History and Volume folders, looking for the latest date or to monitor the remaining free diskspace on the Passport.

I’m told that if a backup was initiated directly from the open Apps window, that the number of files to be backed up vs the number actually backed up is displayed…but I do mine automatically, like most of you.

Since WD have not replied, I’m guessing that this LOG file is truly not anywhere Available, either now or in the future because WD has determined it was not necessary

I just had a live chat with WD support about this issue after sending them email questions. The bottom line is that the Passport Backup utility DOES NOT produce any Log file for viewing from either outside, or from within the Display panel.

  • the only thing available is to open the Display after each backup and view the screen. You will either see a “Missed Backup” or “Last Backup with time and file size”. A Missed Backup has No meaningful reason presented…left to user to debug (probably device in sleep mode or not available).
  • I believe that the disk can multi task and backup while it is open for other purpose. I watch movies and download from the Net at the same time…but Sleep may not be wake up from an background application, unless mouse or keyboard movement…like PC.
  • SO, No Log file for Backup available!!