Where are resized photos stored?

The app is running great on my ipad. My understanding is that the photos are being resized and formatted to work on the app. Are my original high-resolution images being resized? Or are ne files being created? Where are these files being stored (on my WD livebook or on my Ipad)? I want to be sure that my original photos won’t be altered by the resizing and  formatting the app is doing.

Thanks for your help.

The original picture is not altered by this process… This is only done trough the app for the files to be properly seen on your Mobile device

Thanks for the reassurance Wizer. Where are these resized photos stored? On my Livebook or on my iPad?

AFAIK the resize process just happens so the device can display the files properly…

The files remain in the same place they were before since the app is just used to see the pics not to download

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