Where are older backup files? My Cloud Mirror 4TB using SmartWare Pro

Relative newbie here (newbie to NAS and MCM, anyway)…

I have MCM 4TB, running SmartWare Pro v 2.4.12. MCM is attached to home router. My computer, a laptop running Win 7 Pro, is essentially permanently attached to network via PowerLine network or via wireless. Using SmartWare, I backup several directory trees every night. In SW, Settings tab/File History, I have set to keep 5 backup versions.

Question: Where are those older backups? If I navigate to MCM on my network, I see the SmartWare directory, and inside that I see my machine and the 4 directory trees I’m backing up (with the ridiculously long, uninformative random alphanumeric names). But I don’t see any older versions of files. In my personal user directory, I see files that I’ve copied there directly, but nothing else.

My goal is to have rotating backups – 3-5 copies of older backups. I know I should really be rotating hardware, storing offsite, etc., but I figure the copies mirrored with SugarSync help with that. (I notice that WD Cloud only copies my personal directory, not the SW directory.)

Hope this was clear. Thanks.

[quote=“B.Lew1000, post:1, topic:139281”]
Where are those older backups?
[/quote] They are within the drive itself and you should be able to restore them using the WD Smartware.

If you need to retrieve a previous version of a file, you should be able to do that from the backup software using the tab to retrieve files.

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Thanks! Found 'em right where you said they’d be.