Where Are My Retrieved Files?

The retrieval destination is shown as C:\Users\Michael\Desktop, but when look for my retrievals, they are not there. Additionally, when I change destination for retrieving files, they still do not appear. If I repeat the process and retrieve them again to the same location, it says the files already exist and do I want to overwrite or skip retrieving them.

I see the files on my passport drive in WD SmartWare.swstor, but why isn’t the WD Smartware software working.

My system:

Windows 8 HP Spectre Touchsmart Ultrabook

My Passport 2TB portable hard drive

Can you see any files under the retrieved folder on the desktop?

If Windows is giving you errors that the files are there, you might want to check all of the folders to verify if the files are present.

You can also manually retrieved the backed up files.