Where are my retrieved files and why are some deleted on the Passport Drive?

The retrieval destination is shown as C:\Documents and Settings\Compaq_Owner\My Documents\Retrieved Contents, but when I go to look at my retrievals, there is no such folder. Furthermore, even when I change destinations for retrieving files, they don’t appear, although if I try to retrieve them a second time I get a message telling me the files already exist and do I want to overwrite or skip retrieving them.

And why do so many of my documents have a line through them on the WD drive, designating them as deleted files? Why are they deleted? They are still on my C: drive. 

What gives?

Are you sure you are not missing the new retrieved folder that smartware is creating? :wink:. The deleted files means files that you deleted or moved to another location in your computer after the backup was made. In any case, if you cannot find the retrieved folder, go inside the passport and explore the smartware.swstor folder to view your files.

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Thank you very much!