Where are my files?

Yesterday I bought a WD My Cloud and I have since been uploading files from external harddisks and my laptop. I think about 500-1000 Gb. All went reasonably well (…), but just now all my files, but 3, have dissappeared. Where are they? Can I retrieve them? And also: f…! 


What method were you using to copy te files?

were you moving the files manually (copy and paste) or you were you using the WD Smartware backup software?

If it was with the WD Smartware, please see page 48 of the user manual.


If you move the files manually and if you have the drive mapped to your computer, you should be able to see the mapped folder with the files on it.

Hi ERmorel,

I did it manually. 

I used the shortcut on my laptop to log in, so via MyCloud / choose your device. It was not possible to directly attach the WD MC to my laptop, since a USB-cable was not delivered with the WD MC. Hence, I used the cloud. Also, the WD MC is not visible in my explorer (in Dutch we say ‘Verkenner’; where you can find your folders and files on your computer). I háve to use the program to log in the WD MC. 

Most of the files came from 2 external harddisks, which I directly connected through USB with the WD MC. Via the cloud I manually copy-pasted files from each harddisk to the WD MC. 

The files I pasted in public/shared video’s. As I am not a native speaker, and technical English is not my forté, I just couldn’t find a better way to transfer the files. By the way: nobody else is using this WD, so my files are not shared publicly. This just seemed the easiest way to upload my files. And it al seemed to work, too! I even watched a few movies on my internet-TV, downloaded from the WD MC. 

But…yesterday I created folders and started moving the files accordingly. And suddenly…everything was gone! So, how is that possible?

Does this information help?

An update. The past weeks I have been in contact with WD’s servicedesk. 

It seems there is no solution for the dissapearance of my files. They haven’t given any explanation, so maybe there is none, and the one thing that we did try, namely dowloading via SSH, didn’t work. Only the 3 files that ‘survived’ were offered, but these I already had.

So…I am sorry to say that I have lost my faith in this device and in WD. Therefore I have asked for my money back. Let’s see how that goes. 

Thanks for your support and suggestions! 

Not a whole lot to go by here

Can you get into the user interface (http://mycloud/UI) ? what does it indicate for drive capacitiy / usage?

the USB port is only for external drives, not connecting to a computer.

In the UI / shares menu as you select each share it should indicate space used. Do any of them possiable show enough used to have your files?

connecting with file explorer is usally best, have you tried \mycloud or \IPaddress?

how long were the files there? exactly what was done before this happened?

there are a number of issues whith the mycloud, losing files is not one I have heard of.

Are you positive you actually copied the files to the myclooud? and were not accessing them from the external drive connected to the mycloud?

Hi Larry,

Thanks for your suggestions. And for everything there is a first. 

As I am not very good at technical English, with some of your questions I have to guess what you mean. 

  • The USB-port wás only used for the external drives. My computer was connected through wifi. 

  • The capacity is still 3.9 TB, since there’s almost nothing left on the device

  • The files where there for approximately one night and half a day.

  • They were actually on the MC, since it was possible to acces the MC from my tv; I watched 2 movies. The external drives weren’t, at that time, connected to the MC. Also, they were empty, since I transferred the files. 

So…all files, but 3, are really lost. 

I don’t think there is a solution to this problem. And if there suddenly is one, I still wouldn’t trust the device. It could happen again, right? 

from the capacity it appear they are truley gone. the question is how it happened? and we may never know

a little late but never trust any device to keep important files. I keep 2 copies at home and a couple of times a year make another copy that I store someware else. the 2 copies at home pretty much take care of failure issues, the off site takes care of fire or theft issues.

I know it is hard to remember exact details but it would be helpful if you could provide full details on how you moved the files as this is probably where the issue happened. it won’t help get you files back but possably help someone else avoid this.

Hi Larry,

Yes, that’s the issue with hindsight…you’re too late :wink:

Anyway, I just used the WD-app on my computer and whatever possibilities it offers. Nothing strange, nothing fancy. I am not a wizzkid, so colouring between the lines seems the way to go for me. 

I use quite a few external harddrives and have never ad any problems with them. But this…device…