Where are my files stored?

hi all,

where could i find and delete the files of the backup which are made in WDsmartware?

 regards Henk

The backup files are stored into a hidden partition for Smartware only, you can not access individual files and delete them if you backup using Smartware. You can delete and entire backup if you go to the dashboard and click on backups, you’ll have a list of backups and it will give an option to delete.

You can also retrieve some or all files from the backup using Smartware. If you want to have more control over the files you transfer and delete them individually then I’ll suggest to forget about Smartware and drag and drop files into the drive.

You can also use Windows Backup.

thanks for the answer but this would not help me. for me it look like the data is lost because i can’t retrieve anything and the list in de backups is empty.

is there no possibilty to see what is on that hidden partition?

If the list of backups is empty that means no backup was processed or the backup was removed. As I explained on my previous post you’re not able to access the hidden partition.  You can Run Smartware just to double check if it show any files to retrieve, that’s the only way you can retrieve them.

Actually, you can access the Samba share where Smartware saves it’s files.  I changed my MBL’s name to NAS so for me the path is…


 I don’t use Smareware, yet, so for me there is nothing in there.

Word of warning…   If you alter file in thare network share on the NAS then you might break the Smartware back-up as I assume Smareware assume that nothing else will meddle with any files it puts in there.

Hi Myron,

Do you know the name of the hidden folder where the Time Machine backups are stored as well?