Where are my files? And my SystemLog folder is 62GB big oO

Hello at all!

At first, my english is very bad - I hope you can understand me :slight_smile:

So, the first problem is, that while I restore my MyBookLive Duo with my USB Drive (where is the created safepoint) I get an Error at 95%. After that all shares and folders are created, but no files are visible. My Dashboard shows, that all Data are copied (88 GB)…but I can’t see the files. Somebody know, where the files are located? I wolud like to remove the invisible files…after that I will copy manually the files again to my Live Duo.

The second problem is, my SystemLog folder is 62GB big…I don’t know why, but normaly this folder is very small…maybe 20MB. Can I remove or  empty the systemLog_[Deleted]_13… folder via ssh? I do not dare. :slight_smile:

Because of that, I can’t create an systemreport file.

Thanks for your Support!

Hava a nice day and greetings from germany!

How did you moved the files?

Do you have multiple users with access to that drive.