Where are my backed up files.....?

Hi, I’ve checked other posts but cannot find an answer to my query. My WD esentials’ hard drive has backed up all files from my PC, however, when I amend a file (an excel file for example) the original file on the WD hard drive hasn’t updated.

I have set the history on my WD hard drive to retain just one back up.

I cannot find any other back up files and WD support has baffled me even more with an elaborate and confusing response to my email query!

In simple terms (I’m no techie!) could you please advise how the WD hard drives backs up my files, and where they are. Are they named the same as the original file?

Thanks for your help


Well all the files are located inside of a folder called WD Smartware STOR and inside it should have multiple folders for each one of the categories that you are backing up… now those folder are encrypted and you will need to go one by one to identified what files are in the folder…

Also you will be able to see your files using the smartware if you select the option to restore and then restore an specific file…

Regarding the history of the files, if you selected only one version of the files, it will only show one file…