Where are Movies Stored on My Cloud?

I have a WD MyCloud 2tb. On my Samsung Smart TV I can select Source, and see WD My Cloud. If I select it, I get My Content at the top, followed by a choice of Music, Photos Videos.

None of my movie videos show up. Do they have to be in a specific folder? What about a specific file type? The movie I am looking for have a MKV extension.

I do get a lot of my music showing and some short videos I took with my camera, but I do not see any ripped videos from my dvds and I would really like to rip my dvds and have them on my my cloud to play on my Samsung TV.

Thanks for any help

the DLNA server running on the mycloud walks the entire volume, and looks for files with appropriate file extensions, then indexes them.

If your files are not showing up, it is because of 2 things:

  1. The new files have not been indexed yet.
  2. The new files have a file extension that the DLNA server does not recognize.

I would give it a few hours to grunt and process if you recently added a bunch of videos, then check again. If they are still not in the videos list, then I would check their file extensions.

@komobu See the User Manual, Chapter 11. MKV should show.

Have you looked at Twonky?

Do you have Media Serving enabled (in the My Cloud Dashboard) on the Share that contains the missing movies?

Also see the following thread that has more unofficial information on using DLNA on the My Cloud.