Where are indexes stored?

After 41 days of “indexing” (which reached only 39%) I stopped it.
The problem is that it gobbled about 400Gb of disk.
I logged into my NAS via ssh but I can’t find where the indexes are stored.
Does anybody know where they are? Since I’m not using them I want to delete them. Turning indexing off doesn’t free them. I’d like to get my 400Gb back.

Thanks for any info on a directory or db that I can erase.
Steve J


Please refer to the following article: My Cloud OS 5 Cloud Access Content Indexing FAQ

Thanks but that doesn’t answer my question.
I stopped the indexing because it’s broken in OS5 (everybody complains about it). But I want to delete the existing indexes that are eating up valuable space on the disk.
Where are they stored so I can delete them via the ssh interface?
Thanks for any help.

Did you ever get an answer to this that helped you? I am in the same boat.

I’m trying to investigate but I need a tool like NCDU to check were the 400Gb of indexes have been gobbled up. I suspect a SQLite DB
When I have time, I’ll check further. Should I be successful, I’ll post the results/operations here.

No it does not at all. No matter what WD writes in the doc.
I have nothing more on my NAS. The files are static. If I turn indexing on, it eats GB of space. When turning indexing off, it doesn’t free anything at all.
I had 20% free space. I let it index for weeks. Now I have 3% free. And no files were added on my side. I turned indexing off and it remains at 3% free. That’s why I want to get my space back. Nothing has been freed.

It just stops indexing. But the space where it stored its indexes is lost.

This assumption is consistent with your failing to

Just looks like the assumption is consistent with you judging others without knowing what you’re talking about.