Where are all the 6TB Blues

I’ve had a WD60EZAZ on order for a month and still no sign. The webstite showed they were out of stock and expected delivery in 1 -2 weeks. Still none in stock. Anyone else having problems with orders?


We request you to enroll your email Id, to receive notification, once the stock is available:

Or Else you can contact our authorized distributors : Distributors | Western Digital Store

Thank you. I already have. When will the drive be available?

Thanks, but that doesn’t answer my question. Do you know when the 6tb blue drive will be availabale?

I’ve been building pcs off and on for close to 40 years and I’ve had good luck with WD. I am a little disturbed to see the drives having been having issues. It’s like they are becoming the seagate of yesteryear. Between the reliability issues I’ve read about and poor responses I’m getting from Support I’m wondering if I’m doing the right thing.

Me too, I went to WD because Seagate ■■■■■ so bad , WD used to be a good product but customer service is nearly non existent.