When will work the syncing of files with special symbols?

When will work the syncing of files with symbols such as :<>|?*"/ …
I have lots of files with this symbols in filenames and cant sync them…sadness!


As a recommendation add this to the ideas board to see if that can be implemented on a future update. Hopefully, other users can support your idea.

Link to ideas board:

Which operating system are you using that allows those symbols in file names?


It should be noted Apple has a support document that covers using special characters and recommendations for cross platform file name compatibility.

OS X: Cross-platform filename best practices and conventions

From that document:

Avoiding “special” characters

The most conservative file naming conventions provide the most cross-platform compatibility. This ensures that your filenames work with different operating systems and disk formats, such as Windows, Mac OS X and other UNIX operating systems. File names can also be an important consideration when you transfer files via the Internet, where you may not be certain what computer platform your files may be stored on, even if temporarily.

For greatest compatibility, avoid using “special” non-alphanumeric characters. These characters are sometimes reserved for special purposes depending on the operating system.

MacOS doesn’t allow the use of a colon.

It’s worth taking the advice of the Apple support page Bennor has linked. I don’t think you’re ever going to see a WD program support filenames with those characters, as they will cause trouble with other operating systems, including the Linux which is running on the MyCloud.

So you will need to rename the files: I’m sure there must be an ‘app for that’… If not, a bit of scripting with ls and tr, plus duplicate detection should create a script to do it for you.