When will we be able to upgrade the FW without risks?

I got the well known troubles with SW upgrade last november.

I opened an RMA and got a new MBL from WD (south american 1.4 version, instead of the european version that I sent them for replacement… doesen’t matter).

Now, the replacement works properly, but the UI suggests an SW upgrade at any access.

As far as I can read in the various posts here, the problems given by the 02.10.09-124  FW (“UI unreachable”, “LED malfunctioning”, “NO Sleep”) are all still reported by MANY people who havING UPGRADED THE fw.

Why WD cannot tell us WHEN there will be a debugged FW upgrade to uplad safely into the MBL?

All efforts of the community didn’t clear any of the FW mis-upgrade issues. WD seems not to be working professionally,  customer oriented this time!

This has being happening for ages, WD seem to never get it correct on the software, i got a RMA from the old white light versions which really got messed up. I am now suffering the issues below and wondering if i can really trust this drive for backups etc. It would be good if there was more official responce and ownership when bugs and issues occur.

SSH is disabeled by default. It should be enablede by default. It woul;d then be a lot easier to provide assistance.  :confounded: