When will WD TV Live support windows 7?

Officially WD TV Live does not support Windows 7, but there are some ways to get shared folder to work with Win 7, for some it works for some other is does not, for me it for some reason does not work.

Why is there no Win 7 support yet? Windows 7 has been on the market for few months now, why is it taking so long time to release firmware upgrade with Win 7 support?

I have my PC dual booted with WinXp only for network shares and I’m getting tired of booting up WinXp every time I need to share stuff for my WDTV Live.

The WDTV Live is a network player and is not made for any particular software. If you are saying you have problems connecting to your Windows 7 Computer than check out the relevant posts on this forum.

i’m on W7 Pro 64bit, all i do is right click the folder i want to share, hit ADD, EVERYONE and it’s there on my WDTV.  i didn’t have to configure anything from what i remember.

I have W7x64

I have WDTV Live connected to my pc directly with a crossover lan cable (works fine in xp)

I can see WDTV  in Win7 network and within Win 7 I can browse to usb hdd connected to WDTV

I can browse WDTV in my PC, but I cannot browse PC sharde folders in my WDTV.

If network connection works one way (WDTV to PC) why does it not work the other way (PC to WDTV)?


It just seems to be a general problem that people are having problems with netwotking in Win7.

In winxp it took me less than 30 seconds to setup WDTV Live to access shared folders and internet access to youtube.

With winxp I set connection to set ip automatically and same for WDTV, select automatic setup and I have access to sharde folders+internet connection.

In Win7 I always get an error when trying to set up the network automatically, I have configured it manually with no success.

There must be a way for WD to make network sharing in Win 7 just as easy to setup as with winxp, just by reading this forum I know that this is a common problem that must be acknowleded by WD.

… maybee there’s a solution for this problem, i also had this problem with networking (windows 7 32 bit-wd tv live-thomson router-wired connection) … same settings when on win xp sp3 did not worked on windows 7, now for some reason manual settings on wd (xp) was 19x.16x.1.2, but now only working IP address is 19x.16x.1.5 with major networking problems like today works everything, tommorow nothing … on one point I accessed router settings as admin and deleted that device with IP address 19x.16x.1.5 (marked-computer-inactive), then router restarts by itself, recognize all system settings as before, wd plugged and powered again … then voila!, all shared folders appear on pc together with shared folders on laptop too and youtube also! … I’m not sure why wd now works, but it seems that IP deletion on router mean something, like wd support says in email: “all router manufacturer are not supported” … so, I expect more trouble on the way …