When will WD Blue be updated to 96L BiCS4 or 112L BiCS5 3D TLC?

tl;dr It has been over 2.5 years since WD Blue was last updated and many other brands have introduced their 96L 3D NAND products (some of them based on WD’s own BiCS4) so when can we expect WD Blue series to get updated? When can we see WDS500G3B0A in the market?

Some history:
2.5" WD Blue SATA was launched with planar TLC NAND in 2016. The product #s were like WDS500G1B0A.

In May 2017 the shift to 64L 3D TLC was announced and full availability followed soon. The product numbers are like WDS500G2B0A. Th new products had better performance and slightly lower power consumption.

Just a month after the launch of BiCS3 64L 3D NAND drives, in June 2017 WD announced their 96L BiCS4 3D TLC NAND. But now it has been over 2 years without an upgrade. Customers who are in the shops in 2020 are still buying technology from early 2017, not to mention the newer 96L BiCS4 technology under discussion is also from 2017.

Will WD soon offer an update (just the way they did from 2016 to 2017)?
Why not directly jump to their 112L BiCS5 TLC they announced just last week?