When will the WD Engineers Finally resolve the WD Live Media Player issues

Greetings Everyone: I hope this post finds everyone in the best of health and spirits. I just purchased the WD Tv Live Media Player, also a Cisco E3000 router, Linksys USB wireless adapter and WD My Book USB 3.0. I have tried the wireless configurations, assuming the WD TV Live would connect, however no such luck. I put in the Mac address into the routers, but where do I find the IP address for the devices, but no ip address is generated. Also only 10 photos show up in my folder on this piece of equipment. How can WD manufacture such a product and leave us all hanging, We should demand a fix or a firmware that will resolve these issues once and for all.

The issues you describe aren’t bugs; they’re configuration issues on your part.

I have a Live (and a Live+) using wireless, and use TWO Cisco E3000s.   They work fine.

I’m just guessing that you’re not using an “Approved” adapter.   If you don’t get the Wireless Configuration screen under Network Settings, that’s the problem.

You should NOT put a MAC address in your router (unless you’re doing MAC filtering on purpose.)

As to the number of photos that show up, that’s the DESIGN, that’s not a bug.