When will the VCD Manager for Passport Ultra come out? The VCD is annoying

I planned to buy a portable drive for my work since I need to work in several locations. It turns out that I have bought the Passport Ultra.

But I am very frustrated that my Passport Ultra becomes useless, since it auto starts its Virtual CD everytime I connect it with a computer, and computers in office block all those VCD/auto start thingy…

Please may I ask, when will the VCD Manager compatible for Passport Ultra come out, so that I can disable the VCD? Or any other solution for my case? I just want a pure plug and use storage drive please…

Many thanks

Hi this link will tell you how to disable the VCD.  http://wdc.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/3835 

Thanks Hammey,

I have tried the steps, but the Smartware I am using is 2.2.1 (the latest) and there is no “set up drive” button under the  “Setting Tab”, so I cant disable the VCD. It seems the solution provided in your link is only for Smartware 2.0.x

Please help

To make it clear:

This is how the Smartware Guide shows what it looks like under the ‘Setting Tab’, I can see the setting up drive button clearly:

For my case, under the “Setting Tab”, it looks like: (sorry, its Chinese, I dont know how to set the lanaguage, but it is sure under the “setting tab”)

I am sure my Passport is connected, since I can select it on the home screen of the Smartware