When will EX4 support for NFS be returned to the firmware image?

As you know, NFS support was removed after the final 1.02.xx release.

At that time I contacted telephone support who advised me that the removal of NFS support was temporary and it would be restored in the near future.

I have postponed updating my firmware since that time as I do require NFS on my device and that was a very significant selling point for me when I purchased this device.  As I am rapidly approaching full capacity on this device it is also a significant factor in a forthcoming purchase as well.

At this point I think nearly 6 months have passed and as of the latest (8/18/14) release the NFS functionality is still not present or supported.

Please advise if the NFS support will in fact be restored.   Also please provide a target timeframe if it is going to be restored.

If NFS support is not going to be restored then I guess I will have RMA this unit after transitioning to the ASUS AS-604T which does support NFS.



Almond0 wrote:


If NFS support is not going to be restored then I guess I will have RMA this unit after transitioning to the ASUS AS-604T which does support NFS.


You do realize that if you RMA the unit, you will just be getting another same unit from WD, provided they even agree to an RMA. So I’m not quite sure what the point of doing an RMA would be, even if approved :smileyvery-happy:

No, actually I will be seeking an RMA  refund as the unit is now rendered defective and unsupportable.  I purchased it with advertised/functional NFS support and the NFS support was removed while the device was/is under warranty.   When I originally advised WD of the issue they were fully prepared to issue a full refund then but I am a developer who understands the technical issues involved in ARM based firmware of this magnitude and I am willing to work with them to get the issue resolved rather than immediately jump ship.

If you took your car to the dealer and the flashed the ECM giving it back to you saying the AC would no longer function because the ECM update didn’t support AC anymore you would have a case.

I have not only the original warranty but also an extended warranty through the store where I bought it. 

I expect that WD knows full well that there are more people like me and I think it is very likely that this is being addressed.  It may even entail adding additional RAM but I am even okay with that if needed.  My preference is certainly to stay with WD as I have already successfully recovered from a failed drive in a RAID5 configuration and everything else about this device has performed very well.  We had a couple of network hiccups affecting the external cloud access at times but WD was always forthcoming about the issue and they addressed those issues reasonable and professionally.

Oh, I by no means was challenging your right to a refund…you certainly do have a legit case. Though I don’t use NFS myself, I do consider it an important feature although given that you can use CIFS from Linux it is not crucial…but certainly it is your right to have that feature restored since it was advertised with that feature. I was under the mistaken assumption that RMA only implies a product swap, usually a defective one with a non-defective one, but I just looked up RMA and learnt refunding can also fall under RMA. Hence my incorrect post earlier…sorry about that.

For anyone else who have been waiting for a response regarding this issue, I just got one.

“The NFS support most likely will not be restored to the EX4”

I will be pursuing the full refund as well as a refund for the extended warranty I also purchased.

I will also keep this whole thing in mind as I consider my future storage purchases.