When will be new firmware? - My Cloud i s very slow

When I copy to My Cloud (v.4…) It is very slow - PC + Netgear R7000 - When will be new firmware?


I am not aware of development roapmaps, however, if you provide more details related to your network like the cables you are using, frequency, band, router specs and PC NIC specs then more Users are likely to better help you isolate the bottleneck.


I hardly speak English. My computer - P i7 3.2 Ghz, 12 Gb Ram, Router Netgear R7000 f.v., Wd My Cloud 4Tb, cable from router to WD My Cloud 1 m 6 cat., cable from router to computer 4 m cat. 6.

Before WD My CLoud Firmware 4.00.00-607  copy was very fast, after update is very slow and constantly disconnects.

that’s probably the third month I can not use WD My Cloud and lose money. Is WD cares?

Try using static IP (no DHCP) and turn off all media sharing in all share folders.

DHCP has a problem of reconnecting after the router is rebooted or when the leased IP expired.

Media sharing somehow makes the device constantly scanning to update its media database.

Alternatively, downgrade the firmware to previous version.

Agreed, I made the mistake of upgrading to 4.0 and now mine is running slower. 

Hey guys,

I do face the same issue. I also use cat6 cables in a full GBit environment with the FritzBox7490.

The transfer rates are hardly around 500kByte/s which is undiscussable annoying and not acceptable.

Before the firmware upgrade it worked OK. Where can I get a prior firmware version that I can put back manually then?

The guys from the WD support should take this serious as it seems not to be very professional to put out firmware that is no longer proper working for an NAS as it is built for.

Your assistance is highly appreciated!


I have been dealing with these and several other issues since the firmware update that was supposed to address some of these problems. The 4.0.0…bla bla bla made things worse than any of the 3.0 …firmwares. First off I have been working with an expert  technician at WD for 8 weeks on these issues, He has spent over 20 hours logged into my network and has been thru every possible senario troubleshooting. I have multipul computers, several IPads, I use a brand new Mac air notebook, I have a pretty new XPS i5 8 gigs of ram gaming notebook, I have an i7 32 gigs of ram Dell 8500 desktop. I have upgraded my modem and router during this proccess and it isnt a cable problem or a configuration error. WD knows they have a problem and they better get in gear about writing the new code. We are not talking about an OS these are simple devices and most of the hacking fixes suggested in these forums will ruin your warranty. Im no expert in networking but I have owned computers since the early 80’s. If WD will get enough email complaints they will devote the resources to fix these issues. My “My Book Live” is almost eighteen months old and runs as advertised. My “My Cloud’s” are defective. Period. Dont buy one till they get th problems fixed. I can not believe they are still running ad’s selling these things.

Hi, everyone. Exactly the same trouble with myCloud. I had a conversation with tech support, they could do nothing but to tell that the device needs to be reset. The first reset must be soft reset, the second must be full factory reset. Soon I’ll try full factory reset and if that doesn’t help-I’ll send them my and your screenshots, if you don’t mind.

I have the same issue, upgraded to firmware 4. I have a drive connected via usb 3 direclty to mycloud and trying to copy 90gb and it said it would takes days and then just failed.

How many weeks we have to wait?

It is disrespectful to the customer!

I had you problem, just downgrade it to 3 version and wait for new FW

I have the same problem… painfully slow transfers for anything over 1MB. Backups (or Safepoints) never complete. The Control Console is maddeningly slow as well. Started after 4.0.x.x.x.x was installed. I’m going through my shared folders and disabling Media Serving for now. Crossing my fingers that helps. It’s been quite a while since 4.0 was released, you’d think they would have some sort of fix for it by now. Disabling the media functionality takes away half of what I use the My Cloud for. Maybe time to look for an alternative?

Western Digital Service and Support wrote to Me: " [Deleted]

What kind of secrets? Is the WD FBI or CIA.

I wait from 14.07.2014 for improved firmware.

After the embarrassment of WD should formally communicate that the update will be for x days and counting down and apologize.

I think that since they are the secrets that is, far from a solution.

Deleting information, because WD respects the law, and where are my rights for efficient equipment? From 14.07.2014 lose money, because cloud is not working. Where honor, brand, quality of WD? months only mysteries and secrets.

I would suggest that the users in this thread update to our new release posted today.


Appreciate to the new firmware, but I would like to know what’s wrong in the previous firmware.

RayChuChu wrote:

Appreciate to the new firmware, but I would like to know what’s wrong in the previous firmware.

What version?  

Regardless of what version you have we always recommend the latest.

Our release notes track the change log… so depending on the version, you can read what was fixed.