When wd tv live 2011 come into greece?

Hi i want to ask you when the new wd tv live generation3 2011 come into greek stores and where i can buy it and for how much?

If it is too late to come into Greece can i order it from you and if i have how much is cost including shipping cost into Greece and for the guarantee i must send it back to you or i can send somewhere to Greece?


fits79, only WD can give you a real answer for this, this is a user to user forum. Contact WD support, they can give you more information.

To Contact WD for Technical Support


When I was waiting for it to arrive in the UK I contacted WD through that link, and they said it wasn’t there department and gave me the link to the UK store.  When I e-mailed the store they sent me that link to support.

I would imagine your best bet would be Amazon Spain, Italy, France or Germany.

Steve W