When using My Book Live no other users on my network can use the internet?

I have just set up My Book Live 3TB. 

I have created 3 users. Myself with total control. and 2 users with read only rights. 

I created 3 private shares. 1 for movies, 1 for music and 1 folder for pictures.

I started to copy and paste movies into the movie share. I started with 5-8gb of data at a time so its not too much to start with but then two computers on my local home network lost the internet until it had finished the transfer.

Now my question, is this normal? How can i stop this? 

Will any computers on my hoe network get this problem when I access the drive from WD 2 go out of the network?

And will i get this problem when streaming movies to my TV that people can not use the internet?

Also I want to know if i am putting movies on my book live is this just using the local network or am i using my internet. I dont want to use up my data allowance transfering files to it.

SOrry for the questions I am a noob but want to ask before i mess up.

CHeers guys

no, that is not usual, it just means you have a terrible router, or an issue somewhere with it. It could also be an old router with only 10mb ports, or the desktops have old nics

You do not mention how you are connected, but have a feeling the computers and MBL connect to a router, which also has the connection to the internet. So this guy is busy coping the data, it cannot pass the internet traffic.

My .02 cents if the above is correct. Go buy a new router/switch from a reputable business, try it. If happy keep it, if not return it.