When touch the cable my Passport Essential diconnecting

Hello every body,

There is some problem with my Passport Essential, when I touch the USB cable or move a little the drive get disconnected from the PC, I diagnose the cable - I swiched on the cable with other drive and move the drive and move the cable hardly but nothing happen but when I just touch the cable with my Passport Essential its disconnecting. Please advise.


I am living in Dubai, UAE and don’t know where to bring the drive to replace, I also don’t have the receipt - but when I was using it for the first time I registerd it online and now its showing me that it is in warrenty.

Following are my Drive Information:

Product Name:  My Passport Essential
Serial No: WX10A99F3182
Size:          500 GB
Warranty Expiration Date: 11/18/2011

Many thanks in advance.



If you live in the state you can request a replacement of the USB cable free of charge. All you need to do is go to www.wdc.com/support RMA.

You can also check out this link for more info since you are living outside the US.


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Try the USB dock, is not heavy and seems compatible with the essential drives too.