When to upgrade from My Cloud to My Cloud Home

I am debating upgrading to My Cloud Home, but is there anything worth it or should i stick with a My Cloud?

Few people here who’ve had both would say that the Home is an “upgrade.” :slight_smile:

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@ramym9 Have you visited the Learning Center and read up on the My Cloud Home? This may not be the device that you want. It is not the same as a My Cloud!

Myself, I have two WD My Clouds. I have a 1st and a 2nd generation. I like the way they work and don’t see the My Cloud Home working for me.

@TonyPh12345 @cat0w – thanks for the comments. I have looked at both devices and the material on both and trying to figure out the difference.

To me it seems like the My Cloud Home has less features as opposed to more. My Cloud allows you more control through the dashboard while the My Cloud Home mostly uses the app or the mycloud.com site. (Maybe the only thing that my cloud home that my cloud doesnt is Plex service).

Is this about right?