When the wireless connection problem will be solved?

I’m running v1.06.06 and it’s working well except the connection with my wifi router.
I’m using dhcp connection.
when I leave the hard disk turned off for a while and I boot it again the the ip node is expired and it fail to connect again to my wifi router automatically.
I need to configure again manually the wifi network.
The other wifi devices don’t have this problem so I think it’s related to the hard disk software.
When this problem will be solved?

I do not have this problem, but then my router keeps itself and all devices on the same IP addresses. Others have suggested to place the router on a static IP to solve problems like this. Try it.

Hello, I think that the problem is in the software of the hard disk. I’M
waiting an update which fix this problem. Best regards
Andrea Capretti

I think you are incorrect, because my MPW works fine.

Also, see this link about the FW version: