When should the fan cut in on my WD MyCloudMirror?

The drives are currently showing 46 and 47 degrees C and fan speed as 0. I would have thought that it is time for some cooling to take place.
Edit - Also the SMART data id 194 doesn’t seem to bear any relationship to the tempertature reported. I should add that a system test shows everything (including the fan) ticked OK

Hi longedge,

As the SMART status of Fan is OK, notifies that there is no issue with the device and can use further.

The temperature reported for each drive in Device Diagnostics at the moment is 42 degrees C.

However SMART Data for the drives states:-
ID Attribute Current Worst Threshold
194 Temperature_Celsius 105 99 0
194 Temperature_Celsius 105 98 0

The utilities system test comes back with everything ticked.

I just wonder how hot the drives have to get before the fan will cut in?

I don’t think that the SMART data provides any information on the system fan or it’s control system - does it?

Which fan? At least Generation 1 doesn´t seem to have any fan.

“doesn´t seem to have any fan” :blush: and that is why it isn’t starting up!!

Perhaps the software ought to tell me that the tyres aren’t flat either :grin: