When Live Plus finishes playing music in a folder it will not go to the next folder?

At least that is how it seems to me thus far.

I have a 500 GB NTFS drive attached via USB cable.  There are 400 or so gigabytes of music files on the drive, consisting of albums which are each in it’s own subfolder.

There are also a few videos and a few none media files I use as a backup for my PC in other folders which are not subfolders of the “Music” folder.

After the WDTV live scanned the hard drive for a long time (I think it was a few hours) it still told me “Unable to compile media library.  Please check your storage settings.”

However, it would allow me to scroll through the list of follders that contain media reasonably fast.

The problem that I will likely consider a deal breaker is that when I select a folder (which is a complete album) the only choices I have are 3 modes of repeat.

1 - Repeat off - the song will play and the menu will be displayed when the song finishes and stops.

2 - Repeat 1 - the song will play over and over until you stop it.

3 - Repeat all - all the songs in the folder you selected will play and then start over from the first song in the select4ed folder again.

Nowhere do I see an option to play all the songs in a folder and then progress to the next folder.

Is this possibly the way it is supposed to work?

I realize you can make a playlist which would allow you to play several albums in sequence, but you can’t create such a playlist on the WD TV device, you would have to creat it on your computer.

What the heck, does WD expect that all your music files will be in one single folder?  Even my telephone handles music folders better than that.

Please tell me I’ve missed something obvious here.  As it’s working now I’m better off using my DVD player to player a few dozen .mp3 albums saved to a DVD.

You are correct the unit does not progress from one folder to another folder. I guess they assume that you would use the media library option which does allow you to play all files.

With regard to the playlist, yes you do need to create it on your computer but on the other hand you must have used a computer or other device to get your files on the hard disc in the first place.