When is the next firmware due?

Any ideas when the next firmware will be released… hopefully it will address the HDMI CEC function and also mkv stuttering.

No one here knows…  WD rarely gives advance notice of release dates of anything, including firmware.

I asked this question of WD yesterday as I’ve got the HDMI CEC issue, they replied:

Dear XXX

Thank you for your reply.

Unfortunately I don’t know when exactly the new firmware will be available.

If you have any further questions, please reply to this email and we will be happy to assist you further.


Western Digital Service and Support

Not helpful at all.

It is pretty amazing how long they have left this box with the “no audio bug” on most video types now.  Maybe they are testing more carefully this time so as not to let an obvious problem out with the new firmware like they did last time…

WD, like most companies, will rightly not give suggestions to when a new software/firmware will be released.  This way they have no deadlines to exceed and reduce the risk of possibly angering a community of users.

Based on my experience with their devices though, don’t expect your issues to be resolved.  Sometime in a few months the device you have will be obsolete and whatever state the firmware is in is how it will stay.  This is the way WD has been doing WDTV users since they started. 

Do I detect a sarcastic note? :wink:

Well I generally vote with my feet if a company hasn’t a decent customer service section. If WD “Talk the Talk” and can’t “Walk the Walk” then I won’t be around for much longer with WD products, neither will any of my family, friends, colleagues, associates.

Bottom line is that I hope it’s released before Christmas as it was purchased following a review that it was now HDMI CEC enabled, I needed that for the recipient (Christmas present) if not I may as well put it in the trash and lose my 80GBP.

I accept that WD do NOT advertise the device as HDMI CEC as such, and genuinely believe WD will publish the update before the holiday break, however as with everything it is a case of buyer beware; the unit is not HDMI CEC compatible to date.